Design your own bike

Design your own bikeDesign your own bike online - fixie or single speed alike!

Why would you ride a bike that was designed for everybody? Design your own bike as you like it! Do not settle for compromise. With Polka Bikes you will design your own bike that will mirror your personality and style. Learn more how to do it.

If you are ready to design already, go staight to the designer tool. Below you will find step-by-step instruction how to do that.

Polka Bikes Designer Tool - what is that?

We are giving you a tool, that allows you to design your own single speed or fixed gear bicycle without even getting out of your comfy couch. Until now, designing your own bike meant looking for the right bike shop with people skilled enough to assemble a bike from scratch. You had to choose the components yourself, wait for them to be shipped to the bike shop. And then - you had to wait for weeks until they finally put the bike together.

Now, forget about all this!

We are giving you a tool, that allows you to do the most fun part - designing! You can design your own bike in a way you have always wanted, choosing the colors and components you like. After all, you know best what you want. And if you don't - just play around and check how your own bike will look like. Still not sure? Share your design on Facebook or Twitter and see what your friends think about your design. 

You can stop looking - with Polka Bikes Designer Tool you will design your own unique fixie or single speed bike. And you will not have to wait for it for weeks. Just a couple of days and it's at your doorstep!

Design your own bike - how does it work?

Our Designer Tool has been created basing on a very simple idea. You choose the components you want to change one by one, clicking on relevant categories on the Designer page. You don't need to worry about the compatibility or quality of the components - we have taken care of that. What's also important, you can be sure that the components you choose are available right when you click them, so there will be no waiting for them to arrive. We guarantee that you won't have to wait more than a couple of days for your bike to be built and delivered.

What is also important, is that the Designer uses photos of real components to visualize your project. This ensures, that your bicycle when you get it will look exactly the same as when you design it.

Let's see step by step how to design your own bicycle.

The elements you can design

For starters, let's open the page with our Designer Tool. You can click "Design your Polka" on the right-hand side on the top of the page, or go to Polka Bikes Designer Tool directly (opens in a new window).

Other way of accessing the Designer Tool is taking a model you already like from our designs, and just changing some parts of it (e.g. only handlebar). To save you the work of reinventing the wheel, you can simply click on "modify in creator" button.

Let's say you would like to change something in The Postman. You go to The Postman webpage, scroll down and click the button.

Modify Postman

The design process is very intuitive. First, choose the frame type you'd like to have. You can choose between Polka for Everybody and Polka for Ladies frames.

Choose a frame

Then, choose the frame size. The availability of frame/color combination changes through year. That's why not all the sizes in all colors are available all the time.

Choose size

The color of frame and other components will change on your visualization depending on what you choose.


After you had chosen the frame, move to wheels selection. Similarly as when choosing frame, the wheels color will change as you toggle through different colors. Experiment and play with color changing both frame and wheels color. Those two elements are most important when designing your own fixie or single speed, they define the base of the project and character of your bike.

After wheels and frame, go to handle bar. You can choose from 3 types: riser, dropdown or bullhorn. The handlebar will be in the color of all the silver/black components such as cranks and stem. If you want to change the color of handlebar, go to "components" and choose accordingly. All the handlebars will be equipped with same-color brake levers.


Create your bike

Then, choose all the other components, such as bartape or grips, saddle etc. This step is most important for the final detail of the bicycle. You can choose from basic and premium components, which are not included in the standard creation price.


Create your bike

After you had chosen details, choose the color of all the other components. For now, you can choose black or silver. This choice changes the color of elements such as stem, seatpost, crank, chain and pedals.


Now is the time to choose your drive train!You can choose fixed gear or single speed drive. We introduce the differences between those two drives in a blog post about single speed and fixed gear. If you are not sure which one to choose, read the article first.

Then, you should choose how many brakes you want to have in your self-designed bike. For fixie, you can choose one or two. All single speeds are equipped with two brakes - safety first!

The last part of designing your own single speed or fixie is clicking "order on Internet" button. Your design will be transferred to basket. Then just follow the steps in the basket!

You can also share your design bicycle on Facebook or Twitter. Check out what they think about your project before you buy! Make sure to use #polkabikes hashtag.


All right. How much does it cost to design your own fixie or single speed?

How much does it cost to design your own fixie or single speed? Well, if you decide to design your own bike in London, Berlin, Madrid or Paris, it would cost you a fortune! When you design your own bike in Warsaw with Polka Bikes, it costs you almost the same, as our standard bike!

We charge only 30 euros more for a project comparing to standard bicycle. Within these 30 euros you can change anything you like, and have the bicycle you've always dreamed of!

We also offer adding some extra gear to your bike such as Brooks Chrome saddles or Spencer bartape. Those goodies are extra - you can check the increase in price by hoovering over the color square representing premium component.

Design your own bike - how long will I wait?

At Polka Bikes we know that there is nothing worse than looking at the door waiting for the courier to arrive with the bike that you have designed. That's why we promise to build and send your [put your name here] designer bicycle within 5 working days. Usually, we are even faster than that.

Not enough choices for your design?

We are constantly developing our Designer Tool, so that you can truly design your bicycle any way you want. However, you may have ideas that cannot be fulfilled with the tool. If this is the case, simply contact us, and we will see, what we can do to accommodate your needs.


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