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The Polka bicycles have been designed for those who want to move around the city in a swift and stylish way.

Simple, road construction and extravagant colour combinations combine spectacular style with extraordinary riding experience. Bicycles can be cool, indeed!

Polka Fixies and Singles swim against the current of cycling mainstream. We have got rid of dozens complicated mechanisms, gaining low weight, simplicity and maintenance-free. The Polka bicycles accelerate easily and quickly, swiftly hiking through the city jungle of cars and other obstacles that dare to stand on their way.

When riding the Fixie, you will be pedaling constantly, having the possibility to use the pedals for both forward and reverse riding, as well as for braking. The movement of pedals moves the wheel, the movement of wheel moves the pedals - it couldn't be much easier!

The Single resembles the Fixie by its appearance, but thanks to the freewheel pedals do not have to spin all the time when riding. You are not able to brake with your legs on a Single, but at least you can enjoy a respite when not pedaling!


The Automat has two gears that will shift seamlessly when you reach 15 kph. No hill is too much of a challenge then!


For those who value comfort and versatility above all we designed Polka City product line. With Shimano Nexus 3, you are in charge!


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